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Norms, Roles, Status

1)Define the interrelationship of roles and status?

2)Identify and define the components of a norm.

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Roles & Status

Roles in social dynamics are either 'given' by nature or taken on by choice. For example the 'role' of an individual as the son or daughter of his parents is a 'given' being that he or she is their child and is part of the family. The role of an individual as a student however is by choice being that the individual has chosen to take up said role for varied reasons. Now, roles are normally followed according to cultural traditions. A parent's role is to nurture, support, provide and protect for their children. A child is to respect and honor his/her parents, to do as told, to be good, to study, to look after their parents in their elder days. This roles ...

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The solution is an APA-format 600-word essay explaining the interrelationship of roles and status (in the social world). It also presents and defines the notion/idea of social 'norms'. The solution includes references and a word version for easy printing.