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    Interpersonal Determinants of Consumer Behavior

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    Please discuss "the interpersonal determinants of consumer behavior: cultural, social, and family influence and how they influence the purchase categories."

    Please make sure your responses are robust, meaningful and stimulates further inquiry.

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    Cultural influences are the vales that we have acquired as a result of the beliefs, preferences, and tastes that have been handed down from various generations. Among the core values in the US culture are the importance of home and family; work ethics and strong desire to be wealthy; independence, individualism, education, freedom, and others. More and more consumers are adopting new values with the rapid change in communication technology. Cultural influences affect buying decisions as with its differences, a strategy may be successful in one country but not in another.
    Man is a social being and has the need to belong. Everybody belong to many social groups such as family which is the ...

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    This solution discusses interpersonal determinants of consumer behavior: cultural, social, and family influences.