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Conflict Management

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Compare and contrast the best practices, theories, and models for managing conflict in teams.

Practices 1) Teams focus on the content of their interactions, rather than the delivery style (Example, tone)
2) They explicitly discuss reasons behind work assignment decisions
3) They assign to work members who have the task expertise rather than by other means, such as volunteerism or convenience

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Here is an outline of the things you should include in your paper:

1. Define The term Conflict
2. Types of Team Conflict
3. Negative Consequences of Conflict
4. Positive Consequences of Conflict
4. Handling Different Types of Conflict
5. Resolving Conflict

Team Conflict
Conflict results when parties believe that they are working in opposition to each other in ways that result in feelings of discomfort and/or animosity. There is an increased need for management to be trained in conflict management since more and more organizations are encouraging the use of work teams. When individuals come together in teams, there will be differences of opinion, values, and attitudes that contribute to conflict.

*****You should spend time discussing the types of conflict and their negative and positive consequences.******

Positive and Negative Influences of Conflict
Team conflict has a dual nature, it can disrupt the productivity of an entire organization, but ...

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Conflict Management in Teams explained

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