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Types of Conflict Management

Several different conflict management styles include: forcing conflict management, avoiding conflict management, accommodating conflict management, compromising conflict management, and collaborating conflict management. Explain the difference between each type of management style. Which style do you favor the most? Which one would be most likely associated with an experience you have encountered at work?

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In defining the types of conflict management, the example of an employee's work schedule will be used to reflect each approach.

Forcing conflict management occurs by using formal authority or power to resolve the issue. If the employee wanted to change their scheduled shift start time from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m., the manager would have the authority to simply say "no", often without further explanation. The manager possesses power, due to their position, to force a resolution in the schedule conflict.

Avoiding conflict management results in not ...

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There are several styles of conflict management: forcing resolution, avoiding conflict, accommodating, compromising and collaboration. Explaination of each is provided with example of preferred method.