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Conflict Management and Communication

Q1. Provide an example requiring conflict management. Discuss how the incident was handled, what the results were, and what might have been done to improve the situation.

Q2. List the types of communication in use on your projects. For each communication type determine the following:
- The intent of the communication
- The recipient(s) of the communication and their needs/expectations
- The mode of communication
- The expected results of the communication
- How the communication is documented
- Your recommendations for improving the communication

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(1) An example requiring conflict management

First you must give a definition of conflict and indicate that conflict is often unavoidable when working in teams.
I am assuming the situation should come from your interaction with team members with whom you are working on a project. Thus for this you must provide an example that is realistic and that you can relate to. Some examples include:
- Non-performance of other team members: them not completing tasks as assigned, or not attempting tasks at all, not meeting deadlines
- Conflict may result from personality clashes: when two or more persons engage in antagonistic behavior because they grate on each other because of radically different or similar personalities. This may occur when an individual who performs the task specialist role (one who is focused entirely on task completion) had an abrasive or autocratic style.
- Communication breakdowns can also lead to conflict as persons misinterpret communication such as instructions etc, or when communication is incomplete or ...

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Conflict management and communication is examined.