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    Project Management Conflict and Negotiations

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    Our ongoing discussion of Project Management is not complete without a brief discussion of two of the most common circumstances found in this environment....Conflict and Negotiations.

    Please talk about this and how it relates to project management

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    When individuals or groups have different opinions, attitudes, needs, or values, they sometimes end up disagreeing with each other. When this happens, there is conflict between these individuals or groups. Conflict can also arise from differences in personalities and previous rivalries or disagreements. Conflict can also be caused by negotiation before right timing or when the needed information and data are not available yet.

    When conflicting individuals, groups, or parties are trying to discuss with each other a solution to their problem, then there is negotiation. This inter-group process can occur at a personal or corporate level. Usually, these parties under negotiation want to create something new or resolve a problem between them. Both parties acknowledge that there are differences or conflict of interests between them that they need to settle, through an influence so ...

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    The solution discusses conflict and negotiation in management. References are included.