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    Discussion Question # 3
    If a certain negotiating style does not work for you in a given situation, is it always advisable to try a different style in a subsequent attempt?
    What elements are essential to successful negotiations?
    Why would an entity or individuals be unwilling to work with a win-win style?
    Is it possible to have a win-win situation with senior management within an organization?
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    If a certain negotiating style does not work in a given situation, I think it is advisable to try a different style in a subsequent attempt. I think that when you are attempting to resolve a situation, unless there is no hope whatsoever in resolving the conflict, that you should attempt several negotiation styles and attempts. It could be possible that the negotiation tactic that you attempted simply does not work for the given conflict and people involved. Other negotiation methods may work better wtih the specified conflict.

    The elements necessary for successful negotiations are:
    a. Each party must be open to some sort of negotiation process
    b. Each party must be prepared and ready to negotiation
    c. Each party must understand what the other wants and/or needs
    d. What you want and/or need must be clearly understood by the opposing party to the conflict
    e. Each ...

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