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    Team Work and Project Management

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    You are the supervisor for a large technology-based corporation. One of your subordinate managers, Carly, is heading up a project for a new system that is scheduled to market on the 1st of the year. It is August and things are not progressing at the pace you had hoped.

    When you meet with Carly, all she does is complain about one of the team members, Morris. She exclaims that Morris is always contradicting her and disagreeing with her in front of the entire team. Nothing is getting done because there is this constant tension. Carly continues saying that he is acting like this because he feels that he is smarter than she is - he has a higher-level degree than she does.

    When you ask if she has had a conversation with him about it, she says no. She feels that no matter what she says or does, he simply will not listen.

    Later that day, you schedule a meeting with both Carly and Morris. After meeting with both parties and talking to other team members, it is obvious that Carly was exaggerating her story. As it turns out, Morris is treated unfairly as compared to the rest of the team. The other team members seem to think that Carly feels threatened by the team member.

    Why do you think that Carly didn't come to you sooner to discuss the project delays?

    Why do you think Carly hasn't had a conversation with Morris, or vice versa, about their differences? How do you think each of them would respond to this type of conversation? Explain.

    What is the biggest problem with the way these team members interact?

    What could they do to remedy the problem? Explain.

    Do you think Carly should continue to serve as Project Manager? Explain.

    How would you begin to address this situation?

    Come up with a plan to remedy this problem and outline a plan for getting the project back on track for the January 1 release.

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    Team Work and Project Management
    Successful managers can effectively manage conflict. This is an ability which is considered a core competency and is a requirement of management if they would like to grow and advance in any organization. The objective of this essay is to examine the causes for Carly's inability to effectively manage her project team, to explain the issues between Carly and Morris and decide whether or not Carly should continue as Project Manager. Recommendations on how to address and remedy this situation will also be explored.
    Communication Issues
    The first issue at hand is Carly's inability to address the issues between her and Morris, one of the team members. As Carly is the Project Manager, it is her responsibility to address team conflict regardless if it is between team mates or her and her team mates. In this scenario, based on the information provided, it is determined that Carly has some issues with confidence and her own ability to manage. She was unwilling to address this issue directly with her team member and did not speak to her supervisor regarding these issues, thus delaying the project. Reasons behind her hesitance to address this with management may stem from embarrassment that she was unable to handle it herself. Judging from the scenario, Carly may have issues with confrontation and feelings of inadequacy which are hindering her ability to effectively manage. These may be the reasons she did not approach management sooner with her conflict.
    In respect to Carly's lack of communication with Morris, it could be that Carly feels threatened by Morris due to his higher education. This is a perceived threat that Morris is smarter than her which is another indication that she lacks self confidence. A confident manager would take Morris' ...

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    This solution analyzes a case between two team members who are having team conflict and no resolution. It is specific to a large technology based corporation and include Carly and Morris.