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Project Management - Removing Members and Project Scope

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1. You are a project manager operating in a projectized organization with a project management office (PMO). John, a project team member, is no longer needed on the project. How can you remove John from the project team?

A. John cannot leave the project because a PMO requires team members stay on the project until it is
B. John cannot leave the project because a projectized team is on the project full time through project
C. You should meet with the PMO to determine how John may be removed from the project
D. The project team may elect to remove John from the project

2. A change has been approved for your project scope. The change, however, will require an additional $175,000 in costs and will take six additional weeks of project time. What should you do next?

A. Dispute the change with the change control board
B. You and the project team should update the risk assessment processes
C. Order a new charter for the added work
D. Reflect the approved change in the time, cost, and scope baselines.

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1. C is the correct answer. In a projectized organization, the project manager has all the power and authority. Also, the project team manager is responsible for the ...

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