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    Project Management Correspondence

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    Read the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions upon your completion.
    You recently earned your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and you are excited to share the news with your manager. After a short discussion, the manager looks at you and says, "Shawn, let's not waste any time. I have a big project that just hit my desk. We are going to automate the medical records processes for an established hospital in Omaha. Congrats! You're in charge!"
    When you walked in to see your manager, you were excited. Now, you are scared! Although you just passed the PMP exam, you are unsure that you can lead such a big project. On the way back to your desk, the light bulb goes off, and you start thinking about how leaders surround themselves with top-notch team members.
    Provide your response to the following questions:
    1. What advice do you give Shawn regarding forming the project team?
    2. How should Shawn handle the situation where some team members possess far more experience managing these types of projects?
    3. What are some ground rules that Shawn should consider?
    4. What might happen to Shawn's career if he is honest with his manager and tells her that he lacks the experience
    needed for this project?
    5. Once the project is complete, what are some items that Shawn should include in the lessons learned?

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    1. What advice do you give Shawn regarding forming the project team?

    Take a deep breath. Plan, organize, and execute - should reflect the core recommendations for Shawn. Project Management deals mostly with planning ahead of time, hence, Shawn's light bulb moment that effective leaders, especially project managers surround themselves around talented people. Consider the strategy to advise Shawn in listing the core job positions within the Medical Records Revamp System needed to effectively complete the job. By doing so, the outcome can reflect more proactive goals that the boss envision within the project charter and project scope.

    Basically, the response in advising Shawn deals with encouragement (he/she can do the job and to remain calm) + effective planning (he/she needs to immediately select individuals for project assignment). Shawn should be advised on the pitfalls in delaying any major initial decisions. Try and think in terms of preparing for the PMP exam, which, the individual / student had to prep, prepare, study / organize, and then execute in passing the exam - same concept.

    2. How should Shawn handle the situation where some team ...

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