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    job description for the project manager role

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    Details: This is a new position and your manager has asked you to write a job description for the project manager role to document for future candidates. In your summary, describe the main responsibilities that must be completed by a project manager.

    Objective: Describe the role of project management in modern organizations.
    Function within a project team environment.

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    Project planning focuses on breaking down the total effort into assignable units, estimating this work, defining the most efficient order in which the work should be performed, and then deploying available staff to specific work packets for specific windows of time.

    Perhaps the most significant influence of modern project management is on project
    plans and the planning process. Because Single-Time Efforts projects are only performed once, and in many cases have never been done before, it is impossible to create final, stable plans early in the life of the project. While preliminary and highly speculative projections may and should be produced, these early plans must be repeatedly "re-baselined" as new information becomes available. A complete discovery process is typically required before stable plans are feasible. Because of ...

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    Describe the role of project management in modern organizations.