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    Operating Procedures and Procurement

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    1. Human Resources provides the workers needed for the project. How would the Project Manager ensure the workers are trained and have the right skill set to be productive? How would the Project Manager ensure goals, standards, and key operating procedures are being complied with by the workers?

    2. Procurement provides the necessary resources needed by the project for design, development, verification, production, shipping, etc. How does the Project Manager know the project is receiving the correct resources from the suppliers? What provisions can the project use to ensure the suppliers meet the contract needs for the project?

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    1. Depending on the size of the project there are a number of methods available to PM's to ensure that workers with the correct skill sets are placed on the project. First and foremost, the PM should design a job description for each of the different roles that will partake in the project. Included in the job descriptions should be the necessary experience and training. Once the PM has developed the job description, selection of team members can take place through the traditional job hiring process, or by hiring internal ...

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    This response explains the role of the Project Manager and how one is to procure the necessary provisions for a project.