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Vendor either support or subvert your product's performance

1.) How does a vendor either support or subvert your product's performance?
2.) What are some specific merchandising techniques you might use to improve a product's performance?

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Vendor and Merchandise Techniques

1.) Vendor and product's performance:
Vendors are also called suppliers of the company's product needs which may be in the form of raw materials, machineries, and others that form a part of the product or service. As such they play a very important role in product management.

Product management and the point where the vendor may come in may be explained through the product life cycle which consists of: a) developing the product, b) operating the product, and c) decommissioning the product. It is in the development of the product where the vendor comes in. As indicated by an online source, at the development phase, aside from the actual engineering of the product or service, documentation is also needed to support customer care, training, vendors, and ...

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How vendors either support or subvert your product's performance is determined.