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Procurement Law and alternative resolutions for businesses

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This is a procurement law question: Vandy Inc.'s CEO was particularly proud of his firm's work supporting Special Agent Tom Know-it-All and the FBI in a recent sting operation. In fact, Vandy Inc. had provided numerous supplies and services to the FBI to assist it with its operation. Unfortunately, it now appears that Special Agent Know-it-All was not authorized to retain the services of Vandy Inc. despite Agent Know-it-All's previous assurances to the contrary. Vandy is now out $5000.00 and desires to be reimbursed for its costs plus a reasonable profit for supporting important and dangerous undercover work. Will Vandy Inc. get paid by the FBI?

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This solution involves a company attempting to secure payment for services rendered for a governmental agency despite unauthorization on behalf of a governmental employee who facilitated the deal. Using procurement and alternative dispute resolution through the use of a procurement attorney is highly recommended and explanations for why are entailed within the solution.

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In this situation, I would suggest Vandy Inc.'s CEO to secure a to serve as a procurement attorney quasi-administrative law judge for alternative dispute resolution. Alternative means of dispute resolution can involve procedures to assist the company in obtaining their just due award that is in dispute because of the FBI ...

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