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Case Study, assumptions, resolutions, actions,

What are the following of the case: Facts (F), Assumptions (A), Issues (I), and possible Resolutions/Courses of Actions.



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1. A natural disaster has devastated the region;
2. There is a large number of procurement requests received by the Procurement Directorate:
3. There is a need to provide contracting support for different emergency relief agencies:
4. There are five agencies that need to be supported with procurement;
5. The procurement needs include supplies for providing a long term support to ensure more permanent solution.
6. The requests are similar; however, the time for procurement is very short;
7. Your department has been assigned most of the procurement;
8. There is need for daily milestones and tracking reports;

1. It has been presumed that your office can carry out these unusually large amounts of procurement, in a timely and efficient manner.
2. There is a presupposition that your department can meet the needs of the new customers.
3. It has been assumed that the additional relief efforts will bring about a recovery in the given ...

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