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Computer Procurement Issues: A Case of CompuComputer and Medina Office Store

Read the Case Study https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/CSU_Content/courses/Business/BBA/BBA4326/12E/UnitII_Assessment.pdf
and answer the following questions in detail.

Submit this assignment as one comprehensive word document.

1.What do you believe is the best way to handle this situation if you were Nicholas? If you were Ting?
2.This contract has been signed by both parties and is in the administer phase of the procurement process. How would you continue managing this relationship if you were Nicholas?
3.How do you share this situation with your Project Manager, Evelyn? How do you think that the Project Manager and Nicholas could have worked better as a team? Do you think teamwork was exhibited in this situation?
4.What are your next steps if you were in Nicholas's position?

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1. What do you believe is the best way to handle this situation if you were Nicholas? If you were Ting?

Going to court, as threatened by Nicholas, is not the best way to handle the issue. Though, the requirement for Windows XP was not stipulated in the contract there is a supplemental letter that the computers must have Windows XP in them. Court litigation will lead them to nowhere and would cost higher than the amount they are contesting.

Ting is not also without blemish as he lied to Nicholas about the Linux operating system installed on the computers in his eagerness to win in the bidding. He must recall that business relations are founded on trust ...

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This is a case of CompuComputer Company supplying Medina Office Store with computers installed with another operating system not consistent with the requesting company's system. 553 words.