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    Acquisition Management and the Procurement Integrity Act

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    Describe the Procurement Integrity Act and why it is important to the acquisition process. Explain various types of procurement fraud and various procurement fraud remedies.

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    1) Describe the Procurement Integrity Act and why it is important to the acquisition process.
    The Procurement Integrity Act was effective as of 1 January 1997. The Procurement Integrity Act (Office of Governance Ethics, 2007) was put in place to control and regulate the involvement of federal personnel (current and past) and contractors within the federal acquisition process. The procurement activities that are covered by the Procurement Integrity Act are:
    - Solicitation Process:
    o Disclosing and Obtaining bids
    o Disclosing and Obtaining proposals
    o Disclosing and Obtaining source selection
    - Statement of Work details
    - Negotiation of price and terms
    - Evaluation of bids and proposals
    - Post-employment activities
    - Non-federal employment with bidders or offerors on contracts involved in

    The Procurement Integrity Act is important because it provides guidance that helps both federal and contractors to involved ethical issues thus helping to ensure the acquisition remains a fair as possible. The Procurement Integrity Act does this by clearly defining and establishing standards of conduct when involved in procurement activities. Common ethical issues that the Procurement Integrity Act addresses include:
    - Personal conflicts of interest
    - Bribes
    - Gratuities valued greater than $10 from a ...

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