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    Need for new technology at Feets

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    Feets has not implemented any new computer system technologies such as: electronic data interchange (EDI); efficient customer response (ECR); collaborative, planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR); radio frequency identification (RFID); ecommerce; etc.
    1. Would you recommend the implementation of a new technology? Why or why not? Please use information from the scenario to support your recommendation.
    2. Choose a well known retail store (ex. Sears or Best Buy) and discuss which of these technologies you would incorporate (and why) for this store.
    Feets scenario attached if needed

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    Yes, I would definitely recommend Fleet to implement a new technology to significantly improve the efficiency of its supply chain management operations. The company is facing lot of issues due to lack of effective IT systems to monitor the various activities of its supply chain systems such as inventory management and procurement ...

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    The expert discusses the need for using new technology at a retail organization.