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    Employee Scheduling at Feets

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    Using the library and other course resources, consider what are the parameters and considerations that must be made when developing the employee schedules for the retail stores at Feets. Are there software packages to assist in this activity?

    Please explain how CPFR would reduce or eliminate ethical and legal problems in the supply chain of Feets. Many of the Feets vendors are offshore. How would that affect any CPFR activities?

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    Feets is a chain of retail athletic wear stores headquartered in Sacramento, California. Feets has 400 stores across United States and to serve the needs of these stores there are seven geographically dispersed warehouses.
    Retail store has its own importance for customers as it is a place where customers make decision to buy products offered by the retailer. Retail store like Feets can also influence customer's perception about products available at stores, services and staff. Managing stores of retail chain is thus a challenging task. It requires careful coordination of different functions within the store. Most importantly how employees are managed would play a large role in how customers perceive the chain to be.
    Like other retail stores, developing employee schedules is important for Feets. Creating schedules is a complex task as it has to balance the needs of the store with employees needs. Scheduling varies in complexity with size of the store, average sales volume and total number of employees. Given the number of stores of Feets, the number of employees to be scheduled would be enormous.
    Parameters and Considerations
    Scheduling employees for managing operations at Feets require an understanding of how the different tasks would be performed. It determines payroll budget and coverage required by the chain.
     Payroll Dollars as Percentage of Sales
    The corporate headquarter of Feets gives a budget which is the labor budget. This budget would ...

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    Employee Scheduling at Feets and use of CPFR