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Team Training

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An important role of the project manager is to train the team to operate with the type of dynamics that result in a well-performing cohesive team. In addition, a project manager must also attend to the team's training needs. Briefly discuss the three types of training that a team is likely to need in order to successfully complete a project.

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This solution provides a discussion of the role of a project manager regarding three types of training for project teams. The three types of training discussed include: team building, change management process and project specific task training. The explanation is given in 235 words.

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In my experience the most important training's that a team is likely to need in order to successfully complete a project are to ensure training as a team (team building) so they can work together throughout the project, change management process training, and project specific task training. If a project team cannot work together as a team, the project will ...

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