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Project Management Questions: Types of Conflicts

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1. How does the type of project organization affect each of the types of conflicts that occur over the project life cycle?
2. Which project organization would have the most difficult conflicts? Why?
3. How would a project charter benefit a project manager?

Four project types are discussed. 426 words in total.

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This solution provides a detailed explanation of the given management questions.

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1. There are 4 types of project organizations:
i. Functional
ii. Pure Project
iii. Matrix
iv. Mixed
Different types of conflicts are:
• Suppression.
• Work-Around.
• Managed.
• Out-of-Control.
• Unresolved.
i. Functional: This type of project organization has to cater to functional goals along with functional goals. Hence conflict can take place in setting project goals and implementation of the project. Types of conflict which can take place are managed and unresolved. Since no individual is given full responsibility of the project the conflict can be managed within the project life cycle. Sometimes, due to several layers of management, the conflict may become unresolved.

ii. Pure Project: In this type of organization, the project manager has full authority over the project. ...

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