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    Business Ethics: Management

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    1. Give a definition of ethical business behavior, explain the components involved in making ethical decisions, and give an example from your personal experience of the difficulties involved in making these determinations.

    2. To demonstrate that you understand the three models of management ethics—moral, immoral, and amoral—give an example, from your personal experience, of each type. Do you agree that amorality is a serious problem? Explain.

    3. Give examples, from your personal experience, of Kohlberg's Levels 1, 2, and 3. If you do not think you have ever gotten to Level 3, give an example of what it might be like.

    4. Compare your motivations to behave ethically with those listed in Figure 7-14. Do the reasons given in that figure agree with your personal assessment? Discuss the similarities and differences between Figure 7-14 and your personal assessment.

    5. From your personal experience, give an example of a situation you have faced that would require one of the six elements of moral judgment.

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    1. Ethical business behavior is ensuring that highest legal and moral standards are observed in your relationship with stakeholders of the business. The key components of ethical business behavior are honest service delivery, confidentiality, openness, technological integrity, and trustworthiness. One experience from my work life is that there were three minority workers in my departments. They were regularly being abused by the supervisor. I knew this was discrimination. I knew that it was ethical to complain about it. When I approached the HR with a complaint, I was asked to mind my own business. When I approached higher management they told me that something would be done but nothing happened. The challenge is that ethical behavior is difficult.

    2. One example of moral behavior is that the purchase manager in my company refused a bribe offered by a supplier. The immoral behavior is by ...

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