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    How does diversity influence evolution of personal ethics?

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    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words.

    How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? Please be very clear and concise so I can better understand what is being asked. Be very detailed so I can try to understand this question.

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    In trying to understand your question, I concluded that the direction of the question was to define the component parts of a code of personal ethics, and then to discuss how to meld diversified backgrounds into a cross-cultural, global organization.

    A personal code of ethics for each of us develops based on our environment which includes family values, cultural values and probably the place and time where we matured. All have valid influences on our development, but ...

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    The solution traces the development of personal ethics and how they can be incorporated into business ethics for an organization. Also defined are the universal ethical values in all cultures. The explanation is given in 276 words.