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Diversity and Personal Values

1) Explain how exposure to a diversity of backgrounds and experience in an organization influences the evolution of personal ethics.

2) Give an example of a business situation or circumstance concerning diversity in the workplace that influenced or changed your personal values and/or work performance.

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Exposure increases perspective. Perspective increases knowledge. Knowledge allows you to make more informed decisions based on a wider experience base, relative to a different decision maker with a narrower perspective, based on more limited exposure. That is a lot to mull over in a single sentence, but it does express the importance in diversity of experience in education, labor and life. There are many stories (some of them made into movies) of people who grew up within a narrow and defined perspective (either cultural, ...

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This solution draws a connection between exposure to different thought models, value systems, cultures and ways of working to more nuanced personal values, work performance and work ethic.