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    Leadership and Diversity Awareness

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    Describe a leader you have worked for, or have knowledge of. What stage of personal diversity awareness best fits this leader? What can you do to reach the highest level of awareness?

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    I have had many leaders and some of my past leaders have been high on the personality diversity scale and others have not been. I had a leader who was probably at an Adaptation personal diversity stage. This stage implies that the leaders is able to adapt to other cultures and their needs as well as is able to empathize with those of other cultures and can shift from one cultural perspective to another (Daft, 2008). We had a quite diverse team at ...

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    A discussion regarding a personal account of a leader previously worked for as well as the stage of personal diversity awareness that best fits that leader. Also, a discussion regarding what one can do to reach the highest level of awareness; Integration. 208 words, 1 reference.