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    The Changing Workplace

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    O How has the workplace changed in the last 35 years?
    o How is the workplace changing?

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    o How has the workplace changed in the last 35 years?

    In the past 35 years, workplaces and work have both radically changed. In Britain, the manufacturing industries contracted and the private services have expanded. Along with these is the increase in diversity in employment. There was a collapse of trade union membership and a reduction of collective bargaining and strikes in the private sector. There was an increase of human resource management and new employment practices were applied to organizations. The law became a dominant influence in the workforce.
    The earliest stages of the evolution of diversity in the United States included factors such as gender, age, and sexual orientation with every nation having its own historical views which affected their reactions to diversity. These perceptions help determine if certain acts are a form of violation, injustice, or an affront. Different countries have different views of diversity. One country may see it as discriminatory while another country ...

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