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Conceptual, Human, & Technical Strengths

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Of the three categories of strengths (conceptual, human, and technical), which has changed the most moving from old world to new? Which do you think will change the most in the next 20 years? Explain your rationale.
- Evaluate the characteristics of the new workplace.
- Assume you are a manager with over 20 years of experience. What challenges have you faced as required competencies have changed?

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This solution discusses the conceptual, human, and technical strengths, and which has changed most moving from old to new world. It also discusses which is likely to change the most in the next 20 years, evaluating the characteristics of the new workplace. It also discusses changes older workers must face with examples.

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Of the three categories of strengths, technical skills have changed the most moving from old world to new. Learning how to sell now is different than it was 20 years ago. There is a difference in the climate of corporate America as well as in the family household. One could cite the advent of computing, rapid fast communication, and the need to adapt to an ever-changing technical landscape. Even manufacturing and conceptual design are impacted, with 3-D printers and robotic assembly lines. Banking and finance reflect new rules, regulations and different ways of doing business than these industries did previously. ...

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