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Responding to Interview Questions

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Once you have a resumé that gets noticed by employers, the next step in securing the job that you want is to interview successfully. The key to interviewing successfully is your ability to respond appropriately and well to the questions asked during the interview. Pick three questions and help guide in me in how you would respond to them.

a) Why should I hire you?
b) What are your strengths?
c) What are your weaknesses?

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The expert examines responding to interview questions. The hire strengths and weaknesses are determined.

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a) Why should I hire you?

This is not a hard as it seems. The secret here is to do your homework on the position you wish to have with the company. You need to tell the interviewer why you are the most qualified candidate, which means you need that you need to review the job description and qualifications and match your strengths (knowledge-based skills, transferrable skills, and personal traits) that are critical to the job or position within the company. Relate your past experiences that demonstrate the use of those skills.

See: 10 Toughest Interview Questions: Answered. Forbes at: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/lml45fjgl/why-should-i-hire-you/

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