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Leadership and Management: Wellness, Performance, and Behavior

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1. What is the relationship between wellness and performance excellence?

2. What are the differences between leadership and management?

3. What is the relationship between values and personal behavior?

4. Discuss the relationship between group and individual ethics with regard to Development and Understanding.

5. Discuss the relationship between group ethics and individual ethics with regard to Acceptance and Application.

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The relationship between wellness, performance, leadership, management, values, and behavior is discussed.

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1. What is the relationship between wellness and performance excellence?
Wellness in relation to leadership and management focuses on overall quality or well state of being through deliberate effort. On the other hand, performance excellence focuses on chiefly on "performing" or operating at high superior levels. The relationship between the two is similar in nature, except that wellness is the umbrella or overall nature of the operation and performance excellence is geared more specifically to task execution at its best.

An example of both could be made with airline operations: A liner's overall leadership strategy and management could have general policies on "wellness," good employee relations, first-class customer service, and more. However, their "performance excellence" could be measured by their flight operations. Do planes arrive and leave on time? Is the aircraft clean, efficient, and excellent? How does their website perform in comparison to other airlines? Is customer service superior via the telephone? Do other flight operations, such as ticketing and baggage service first-rate? Even though the airliner may breed a culture of wellness, is performance excellent?

2. What are the differences between leadership and management?
Leadership is about leading, guiding, directing and often commanding behavior, piloting, and providing direction, which often occurs under direct pursuit of a vision. The leader of a company may be the founder or Chief Executive Officer (CEO), such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com. The president of the United States can be thought of as the leader of that nation, while others throughout the hierarchy would be considered managers.

Management is about managing, controlling, bossing, governing, supervising, ...

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