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    Human Resource Management: Pros Cons Tactics Threats

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    What are some advantages and disadvantages of various types of performance appraisal systems? (i.e., MBO, graphic rating scale, forced distribution, ranking, 360, etc.,) Which one of these methods would you say is the most effective at helping the organization attain their objectives.

    What are employee/labor relations? What is human resources' (HR) role in maintaining effective working relationships with unions? How can HR develop proactive policies that reduce the likelihood of union organization?

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    Many employers perform appraisals simply because they feel obligated to do so; others just so they have a formal documentation in the employee's file for legal protection. Organizations which value the performance appraisal as a tool to help improve employees both professional and personally understands the importance of a performance appraisal and develops management strategies to fine tune them.

    It is not only important to discuss with the employee once a year or semi-annually, but rather to give continuous feedback to the employee. The performance evaluation should be an on-going tool. Employees who feel their employer has a vested interest in them to become successful will see that employee's moral and motivation improve.

    Advantages of MBO: MBO provides goal setting, empowerment and increases job satisfaction. It also provides for better communication, clarity of goals, and can ensure that the organization's goals are linked to the objectives of the employee thus meeting goals.
    Disadvantages of MBO: It compares employees as to the perfect employee versus the average, versus the below average. Goals are the driver of the outcomes versus a working plan; buy-in is more by leadership and not subordinates; the context of which the goals are set in is where the leader tells you your goals and expects you to meet them.

    Advantages of a graphic rating ...

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    The pros and cons of tactics threats are determined for Human Resource Management.