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    Thermodynamics and the measurement of energy expenditure

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    What are implications of the second law of thermodynamics for the measurement of energy expenditure?

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    I have provided for you below a description of Economic, Social and Political implications for the measurement of energy expenditure.

    All matter is composed of energy and, as energy tends to randomize, all nuclear particles lose energy over time. This fact is recognized in the second law of thermodynamics ... the law of entropy. Although a lot of work has been done on the physical effects of entropy, very little attention has been given to its social effects. The propositions of the network attempt to remedy this defect.

    The growth of human creative intelligence correlates with growth in the amount of energy released, from mass, by mankind. A priority task of creative intelligence down the ages has been to devise ways of releasing energy, from its enmassed potential state to a released kinetic state. Energy release progressed from primitive heating and cooking by wood fires, to the release of the calorific food energy of husbanded grains ... to the harnessing of animal power, water power, wind power, coal power, chemical power, gas power, steam power, and oil power ... to the generation of electricity and, finally, the release of nuclear energy. The creative intelligence is an entropic agency without peer.

    Until 1945, growth of energy release correlated with the growth of human population for, until the nuclear advent, its net effects were beneficial to organic ...

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    This solution explores the implications of the second law of thermodynamics for the measurement of energy expenditure.