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The Peasants' Revolt of 1381

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The Peasants' Revolt was one of the historic lower uprising in the history of England. The following are the details of this discussion.

1. The general condition of Britain after the Black Death of 1381
2. Privileges gained to lower class due to the effects of Black death and shortage of labor
3. Attempts of the aristocrats to exploit the serfs and lower classes
4. The spark that triggered the upheaval
5. The results of the Peasant Revolt

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This solution helps the student to understand the general circumstances of Great Britain after the Black death and the condition of serfs. The solution discusses the exploitation of the aristocrats and the violent reaction of the peasants and the fact that peasants gained nothing from the revolt

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The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 was a leading lower class revolt in the history of Great Britain. It was an open expression against the exploitation they had suffered during the period. The rebellion was also a manifestation of defeat of rising expectations.
The period was ripe for a serious upheaval. The effects of Black Death of 1381 and dearth of labor were in favor of the peasants. The sharp decline in the labor force after the plague resulted in the ...

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