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The Ideals and Violence of the French Revolution

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List some views on the role of violence to achieve freedom. At what point was the violence of the French Revolution contrary to the ideals of the French Revolution? What lessons can be taken for that in our modern society?

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The violence of the French Revolution is summarized in this solution.

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Violence and war are obviously negative circumstances and nobody wants wars. However war may be necessary in extreme cases of oppression.It may become necessary to fight to achieve freedom. This has done throughout history all over the world. Some examples of wars fought to achieve freedom are the French Revolution , the American Revolution and the two World Wars as well as the Iraqi War. The U.S fought for the Iraqis so they could live free from terror.

It was during the Great Fear of 1789 that the violence of the French Revolution became contrary to its ideals. During that time there was a period of mass fear and paranoia. There were four types of fear or paranoia ...

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