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Does crisis and hardship make nationalism stronger?

WWII was also another demonstration of the durability of the Viet Minh's national ideals. They had survived centuries of Chinese incursion, decades of French rule, and now several years of Japanese occupation. This must have only reinforced their perception that Vietnamese nationalism could withstand any opposition given enough time.

QUESTIONS: Do you think ordeals such as this can make nationalism stronger? Are there examples where national crises have reinforced American nationalism?

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It could be argued that national crises either break a nation or make it stronger. There was considerable division among the various colonies prior to the American Revolution. Slavers in the south, German descendants and rich Englishmen in the Middle Colonies and reserved, industrious and religious Puritans and Scots in New England. Yet, all these varied personalities were galvanized by the English threat. Had the English allowed the colonies to develop ...

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This post examines several examples of societies facing a national emergency. Based on their experiences the following question is addressed, "Does national crisis strengthen nationalism?"