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Women in stories by Freeman and Chopin

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Compare the wives in the stories by Freeman "The Revolt of Mother" and Chopin "The Story of an Hour"

What are their similarities in situation and personality?
What are the differences in their situations?
What is the main problem for each woman?
What is the outcome for each woman?
What does the story seem to suggest about the situation for women in their respective eras?
What does the ending of each story suggest? What does each story seem to be saying?

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Women in stories by Freeman and Chopin are analyzed.

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As you write an essay in which you compare the wives in the stories by Freeman, "The Revolt of Mother," and Chopin, "The Story of an Hour," please allow some of my notes and ideas to help:

First of all, as you devise your own unique thesis statement, a main idea which you support with details and examples from the works, you might work with one of these two ideas that I model and present for you as a sample:

a. Both wives in Freeman's "The Revolt of Mother" and Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" strongly seek empowerment in terms of affirming themselves as both women and wives, but Chopin's character sees marriage as hopeless, whereas Freeman's protagonist envisions an equal union as possible.

b. The role of women in both Freeman's "The Revolt of Mother" and Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" exemplify how each woman desires an equitable place in life, marriage, and society.

After choosing which model works for you, please word it as you see fit and then develop your paper with the thesis as your guiding star.

I will then help you to consider the following questions about the wives, using textual examples:

As you examine what are their similarities in situation and personality, it seems like both women are not valued generally as both women and wives. Although Freeman's character seems to have more enjoyment from life due to her children and her labor, both women seem to lack the proper voices in their marriages and in life. Both women also do not seem to be equitable partners in their marriages. Both women seem desperate to escape their mundane lives.

One woman, Mrs. Mallard, seems broken emotionally as well as physically from her state ...

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