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Chopin's "The Storm"

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This week's literary club meeting discussion was supposed to be about Kate Chopin's "The Storm,"but it was cancelled due to bad weather. This work was chosen because "Nathaniel Hawthorne has a reputation for ambiguity, intentionally leaving his stories ambiguous and open-ended" (Guth & Rico, 2003).

â?¢Choose 1 of the following statements as your thesis:
â?¦How does Chopin use the symbol of the color of white in the story?
â?¦Can the description of the weather be a warning to the main character?
â?¦Do you think the storm is over or that a storm could be brewing later?
â?¦How can the title can be used as a metaphor for the theme?
â?¢Explain your reasoning/rationale for your interpretation.
â?¢Argue why your interpretation is convincing.
â?¢Support your position with solid arguments and cited evidence from the story itself.

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Writing guidance is exemplified for Chopin's "The Storm."

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For the student,
Here at Brainmass.Com, we are not allowed to write homework assignment for anyone coming to our website for any types of academic or non-academic assistance (even if you're not a student coming through this webpage for help on any English literature and/or composition topic). With that said, I'll be glad to perform research for you that will help you understand the story, Kate Chopin's "The Storm" more by taking you to proper websites where you can read into the story with more detail. The following passages are some examples of background information on this story that I have learned myself.

One of the literary websites I have learned in the course of my own graduate studies about Kate Chopin can be found from the following address~~


I have validated the website that it is legitimate for writers to properly borrow information by documenting this source. Throughout the website, there's a section that shows students how to cite that website as well. Please consult this webpage for background info on Kate Chopin's "The Storm".

For another credited source I uncovered for your convenience, here are some more information directly related to your topic~

Website for reference only~


Kate Chopin (1851-1904)
Contributing Editor: Peggy Skaggs
Classroom Issues and Strategies
Chopin's irony is too subtle for some students, who may see her female characters as cold, unloving, unfeeling women. They have difficulty understanding that the protagonists in, say, "A Respectable ...

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