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    Short story brainstorming

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    Write about the themes in the following stories:
    "The Storm" (Chopin)
    "Barn Burning" (W. Faulkner)
    "Harrison Bergeron" (Vonnegut)

    1. Introduction should include a definition for theme as well as the short story titles and authors.
    2. Clearly state the theme of each story. Be sure to offer supporting details for each story's theme.
    3. Use at least one literary, secondary source in your paper. A secondary source is material that is written about a primary source. An example of a secondary source is a critical essay about a short story. DO NOT use bookrags, Wikipedia, free essays, and encyclopedias. Do not use non-academic sources.
    4. Include a quote from each primary source (short story).
    5. Include proper MLA parenthetical documentation as well as a works cited page including citations for the three primary sources and secondary source(s).
    6. Model ideas for a strong conclusion which reiterates the importance of THEME in the stories.

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    Firstly, your question seems to have some very specific instructions; this will require a set structure of the response, and I will include my advisement concerning that structure at the end. The instructions themselves are quite clear that the themes are necessary, so I will give my advice about each of the works in question, with some ideas in case you like one or the other. As for the MLA citation, you can find all of what you need to know right here: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ . As for the secondary sources, you'll probably need to look at journals (like The Explicator), which could be accessed at your school's or any university's library databases (like JSTOR). As to the length itself, 500 words (as you may know) is asking for a little under two pages at the least; so I would plan on normal intro and conclusion sections, and probably one major paragraph on each theme. Some ideas for the paragraphs, structure and thesis follow below.

    Kate Chopin is well known for a number of different emphases. Most of those emphases have to do with women's identity in society, both from an external or social point of view and an internal struggle. Perhaps that's why almost immediately, I would gravitate the approach towards focusing on Calixta. You may remember just from reading that Bobinot and Alcee symbolize competing social draws for a Calixta's attention and identity: Bobinot the stable character, Alcee the passionate one. It's clear from the storm coinciding with Alcee's arrival that no matter what Calixta does, she cannot stop ...

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