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    Analyze story sentence patterns

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    Please help answer the following questions.

    What is your favorite vacation spot?

    Tell a story about this paradise. Hey, it may just be the park across the street. One person's paradise is another person's nightmare. I like big cities, my wife likes the backwoods. Go figure. I just want to know what you like and why.

    Which sentences were narrative and which were descriptive?

    How did you relate one to the other?

    Can you see any pattern in the ways you used each type of statement?

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    I love going to the beach. [narrative] I even usually enjoy the long, boring trip to get TO the beach. [narrative] I like going out to the heat and humidity of the beach, and being able to spread out my big, fluffy towel and slather on the lotion to bake for as long as I can stand it in the hot sun. [narrative] Getting up occasionally for a dash down into the cool surf, only to return to bake again, is my idea of ...

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    A short story is analyzed for narrative and descriptive sentences, with patterns in development noted.