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Two Simple Sentence Compounds

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I need 10 sentences in the patterns that follow. Underline each subject, bold each verb, and italicize each subordinator. Underline subjects and bold verbs in main clauses and in subordinate clauses.
Two simple sentences with a compound verb or compound subject in each sentence.
Three compound sentences using each of the three patterns below:
SV, conj SV (coordinating conjunctions: FABNOSY: for, and, but, nor, or, so, yet)
SV; SV (no conjunction with semicolon)
SV; adv, SV (consult list in Handbook, p. 41)
Three complex sentences, including at least one sentence with an adverb subordinate clause and at least one sentence with an adjective subordinate clause.
Two compound-complex sentences consisting of at least two main clauses and one subordinate clause.

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The expert examines two simple sentence compounds. The expert examines coordinating conjunctions.

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Shawn Fagundes-Hansen: MA (IP)
BrainMass OTA #102898
25 July 2004

Problem Posting #22376:

Your question as I understand it:
You need assistance in writing 10 sentences in several predetermined patterns. In addition, you are to do the following:

? Underline each subject;
? Bold each verb;
? Italicize each subordinator;
? Underline subjects and bold verbs ...

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