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Margaret Atwood's short stories

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This posting explains the characters in the short stories contained in M. Atwood's Bluebeard's Egg.

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As you analyze characters with Atwood's "Bluebeard's Egg," please use these brainstorming notes to assist you with important points and question formulation.

First, you could examine Atwood's feminist implications. As you formulate questions for your paper, you might want to explore how Atwood empowers or disenfranchises her female characters throughout the text.

In terms of mythology, please notice how the central theme in Atwood's story focuses on the well-known folk tale of Bluebeard. As Sally's takes the night course, "Forms of Narrative Fiction," she examines the tale about the sisters who meet a wizard in disguise. Posing as a beggar, the wizard kidnaps the girls and promises them eternal happiness with him. As you notice the "keys" and the "eggs" within the story, please notice their symbolism with Sally's real life as she tries to please Ed. However, Ed is too absorbed in his career and himself; he is devoid of any emotionality.

Some further questions to ...

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This posting offers tips about reading Atwood's stories.

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I need help with my essay about Margaret Atwood.

In our Autobiographical Narrative unit, we talked about original topic presentation. This essay definitely fits the bill.

For example, instead of saying "Women's bodies have long been exploited in advertising," she says, It sells cars, beer, shaving lotion, cigarettes, hard liquor; it sells diet plans and diamonds, and desire in tiny crystal bottles. Is this the face that launched a thousand products? You bet it is, but don't get any funny big ideas, honey, that smile is a dime a dozen.

Why do you think Atwood chose to define the female body in this manner?

Question 2. What rhetorical strategies (Description, Example, Classification, Division etc.) does Atwood use to develop her definition of the female body? Which are most effective?

Question 3. How does Atwood organize her essay? In other words, can you identify a concrete organizational plan?

Question 4. Give one references in the story?

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