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    John Rella's audit of Green Market Vitamin Company

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    Respond to the questions of the Case

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    How should John handle the situation?
    John should inform the Drug Enforcement Administration about the plane carrying Cocaine. Further, he should inform the police about the information that he has uncovered. During the course of his audit he should alert his partners/employees that are working on the auditing to become more thorough and gather substantive evidence where ever there is doubt. His objective should be to gather more evidence about the drug dealing activity.

    there is also an ethical perspective to the situation. From the deontological ethical perspective, it is the duty of John to bring the cocaine trade to justice, it is also his duty not to issue an unqualified opinion report to the firm, it is also his duty to find out as much information about the cocaine trade so the racket is exposed. From the virtue ethics perspective it is an act of good character if the actions of John lead to the stoppage of the cocaine trade, the perpetrators are arrested, and the law enforcement is able to punish Margaret and her Spanish agents for cocaine smuggling. Finally, from the consequential ethics perspective, John's actions of exposing the cocaine trade can prevent ...

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