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    Defining & Measuring Biodiversity, Green Spaces

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    The term ecosystem is used to describe all of the living and nonliving components of a region where populations of different plants and animals interact to utilize the resources that allow them to live, grow, and reproduce. The California Biodiversity Council states: "Everything that lives in an ecosystem is part of the web of life, including humans. Plant, animal, and insect species interact and depend upon one another for what each offers, such as food, shelter, oxygen, and soil enrichment. Maintaining a wide diversity of species in each ecosystem is necessary to preserve the web of life that sustains all living things. In his 1992 best-seller, 'The Diversity of Life,' famed Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson—known as the 'father of biodiversity'—said, 'It is reckless to suppose that biodiversity can be diminished indefinitely without threatening humanity itself.' "
    Read this article in the Western Morning News:
    Walmesley, A. (April 22, 2013). Green spaces mean happier days for people living in big towns and cities.
    What did the story report about living in greener areas? What do you think are the benefits of spending time in the natural world? What other benefits besides mental health do components of the natural world provide (consider the resources we obtain from the natural world)?

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    The story reports that people who live in urban environments that have green spaces available to them, are less stressed mentally. The presence of green spaces tends to indicate that people are happier and more satisfied with life. In addition, the people who used the green spaces more often, were more likely to rate their overall qualify of life at a higher level than those who did not use the green spaces as often.

    A benefit of spending time in the natural world is that we get to enjoy the natural beauty around us. In addition, plants are able to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air that we breathe. ...

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