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    Six Sigma Origins and History

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    What is Six Sigma? (what does it mean)
    Where did it originate / What is the history of Six Sigma?
    What is its purpose? ie: focus? core philosophy?
    Describe the DMAIC Methodology
    Describe the "Belts" leadership/management system(champion green black - master) of six sigma and their duties and qualifications

    1000 words w/references (5 minimum)

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    What is Six Sigma?

    Attempting to define Six Sigma is not an exact science as there are many different definitions, but I will provide an overall summary of what Six Sigma is. Six Sigma represents a method utilized by organizations in which these organizations use the method that was created by Motorola to improve their ability to operate business functions and processes with an emphasis on increasing performance of the company and productivity. The method dictates the creation of teams that engage in projects after receiving extensive training to ensure that the appropriate people are in key positions to establish the most strategic approach for the organization. These key leaders are assigned "belts" that signify their level of expertise with Black, Green, and other colored belts dictating their level and role throughout the Six Sigma process. The Six Sigma model also utilizes the DMAIC approach wherein it is incumbent for the organization to engage the process of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the business process.

    Where did it originate / What is the history of Six Sigma?

    The origin of Six Sigma according to research literature is from Motorola Inc. They are purported to be the first company in the U.S. to trademark the idea, which was developed by an engineer, Bill Smith, who worked for the company. The history of "sigma" dates ...

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    Six Sigma origins and history is examined. The expert describes the "belts" leadership/management systems of six sigma and their duties and qualifications.