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Six Sigma

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Explain the concept of flexible manufacturing systems and Six Sigma.

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Explainsthe concept of flexible manufacturing systems and Six Sigma.

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1. Explain the concept of flexible manufacturing systems and Six Sigma.

A Flexible Manufacturing System "integrates combinations of various types of capital equipment, such as in metal-cutting applications. A system is flexible if it is capable of processing a number of different work-pieces simultaneously and automatically, with the machines in the system carrying out the system's operation in any sequence.?(http://www.leanadvisors.com/index.php/what/glossary_defn/flexible_manufacturing_system/)

Six Sigma is a quality measure which "accepts only approximately 3 errors per million. Six Sigma means the elimination of variance in the process in order to allow flow using the necessary analytical tools and process.?(http://www.leanadvisors.com/index.php/what/glossary_defn/six_sigma/). It reduces ...

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