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Tensions Betwen North and South USA

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What issues were the most volatile between the North and South during the early years of the country?

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Tensions between the North and South during the civil war are explained in the response, including Lincoln's importance and the economics of the South.

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There were many factors that contributed in the progression toward Civil War (1861-165) in the U.S. Many historians would argue that a key turning point toward Civil War was the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln in 1890 (he was inaugurated president on March 4, 1861). Lincoln wanted to end slavery and keep the union together. His stance on these issues reflected part of the the growing tensions between the North and the South. The North wanted the South to give up their farms, build factories, and abolish slavery. Congress treated the slaves as personal property and would not take away rights of ownership. Thus, Lincoln wanted to the end the institution of slavery and not have African Americans be treated as personal property.

Lincoln's election was also a turning point toward Civil War because of other political issues. Before his election, several ...

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