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Causes of the Civil War

The causes of the Civil War are many and complex. Describe what you consider to be the two most important factors and how these factors ultimately led to the war. Use specific examples.

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The American civil War (1861- 1865) was one of the most violent ones in the history of the United States. Many people lost their lives during this period of time. Some say simplistically that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Unfortunately, there is no simple reason, the causes of the war were a complex series of factors including slavery, competing nationalisms, political turmoil, the definition of freedom, the preservation of the union, the fate of slavery and the structure of our society and economy could all be listed as significant contributing factors. The Southern states separated from the Northern states due to economic reasons given the rural nature of the south. There were many reasons besides economic, slavery was clearly a reason with economic basis but there was also a difference in philosophy between the North and the South, which exists to ...

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This posting analyses the two most important causes of the Civil War and how these factors ultimately led to the war using specific examples.