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Ethical considerations of accounting and finance

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What are some ethical considerations of accounting and finance? How do these ethical considerations affect the business environment?

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What are some ethical considerations of accounting and finance?

We can probably agree that ethics or a code of ethics is a set of moral principles or standards that we set for ourselves for good behavior and conduct. Applying ethics to accounting and finance simply defines the narrow field for which we want have good behavior and conduct.

Specific ethics in accounting and finance would include:

1. Being honest in financial dealings with other people including fellow employees, customers, suppliers, or any other stakeholder of a company.

2. Being fair in dealings with people by following federal and state laws, but also applying the business internal code of ethics to situations. Even the mission, vision and value statement of a company may provide guidelines. ...

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The 488 word soltuions provides specific ethics in accounting and finance including how they affect the business environment.

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