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ethics in the global business environment

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Briefly describe what this article says about ethics in the global business environment. Define the term "situation ethics." Do you believe the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" should apply to operating in the global business environment? Should American companies be tied to American laws that prevent them from engaging in certain practices even if those practices are considered the norm locally? Defend your position.

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The article summarizes the importance and necessity of adhering to standardized ethical practices by a global firm operating in multiple locations across the world. It highlights the fact that the value of lost business due to adherence to strict ethical guidelines across the world is much lower as compared to harm to the corporate image that results due to being involved in unethical practices such as bribery in several countries across the world.

Situation ethics rejects 'prefabricated decisions and prescriptive ...

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Briefly describe what this article says about ethics in the global business environment.

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