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    External environments in global management

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    1. In Chapter 1 - your text focuses on different environments the Global Manager must assess - political, economic, legal and technological. Take one of these areas and give the class a real world example of a firm dealing with a specific situation and how you, as a global manager, would assess or management the environment or the situation.

    The text gives you many examples but search the business media websites (i.e. businessweek.com, economist.com, etc.) for additional information.

    (Text: International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures
    Author: Helen Deresky )

    2. One of the many situations facing a Global Manager is the issue of Ethics. Your text states that "business ethics have not yet been globalized and that attitudes toward ethics are rooted in culture and business practices".

    For this discussion, let's talk about international business ethics in general, whether it is corruption, human rights, or moral dilemmas, focus on an area that you would like to discuss and give examples. How would you as a Global Manager handle the situation? Is your decision based on your own cultural beliefs or business practices that are familiar to you? Or, are you being more open minded of other cultures?

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    Shell Nigeria is in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. Among the issues facing the company are the harsh affects of oil acquisition on the environment. Often there are protests about these devastating left over effects, previous oil drilling and movement caused much damage to the Niger Delta or left villages to clean up themselves their environment.

    The company now employs locals to repair and damage and do clean up. As a manager I would do the work and training necessary to make sure all those who need work in the region are trained to clean up and repair. The importance of the environment along with ...

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    Discussions on how managers can deal with specific environmental issues in global management. Nigeria and Shell are used as examples.