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    Environments Shape Organizations

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    Environments shape organizations. In turn, organizations also shape the environments in which they interact. Organizations, in part, also choose which environments they enter and exit, choose which coalitions are most desirable, and determine the contexts in which they function. Write a paper that draws from the professional literature to address these issues and explains how organizations relate strategically to their environments.

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    Topic Sentence: Organizations relate strategically to their environments because they use resources to make the organization money.

    Thesis: Looking into the interaction of organizations and the environments within which they operate in will show external and internal relationships with the environment. Specifically, it looks at their symbiotic relationship, clearly looking into both intrinsic and extrinsic influences that bring about such a relationship. In conclusion, we look at the basic structure of organizations and attempt to explain by justifying why organizations generically react to their environments.

    How Organizations Relate Strategically to Their Environments
    Introduction to Organizations and their environments
    The organization is known to be an entity that has diverse shapes and sizes evolving under an environment. As the organization tries to succeed, the operations are made to adapt to the surrounding external and the external environments. This is based on the fact that, as the corporation tries to manage its human relations and the interactions that are work related, the environment plays a significant role in this major process.
    Analysis of the internal environments
    The internal environment is an important unit in the functions of the corporation based on the fact that it is on the basis of this system that the organization receives the necessary feedback from the esteemed clients on the operations of the organization. The internal environment of the organization is deemed to reinforce the culture of the company encouraging the workforce to undertake their duties effectively. The behaviors of the personnel of the corporation are shaped reengineering the activities of the environment. The internal environment has great technological features that increase the efficiency of the organizational systems. This internal marketing activity in the organization increases the productivity rates of the organization. The internal environment is known as an entity that has the ability of managing changes in the organization just as the external environment (Bodnarczuk, 2011).
    Through the internal environment, the motivational levels of the employee are increased. The internal organizational culture that is held by the organization tends to improve the services of the company to the consumers this raises the profit levels of the company. In the long run, this alters the activities of the company to be flexible and adjust to the altering external environment. The competition in the target market will be overcome by the organization as it is gains its competitive advantage.
    Analysis of the External Environments
    The operations of the organization take place in a larger framework of the external environment that directly or indirectly shape its functions. The external environments of the organization are made up of diverse external institutions and forces holding the potential of impacting the activities of the organization and the abilities that it has to achieve its set strategic objectives. The external environments are in need of a positive action that will ensure that its noncontrollable forces are made to respond well to the operations of the organization in the target market. Corporations that have excellent external management are bound to exceed their set objectives since they will have the capacity of impacting the external forces that are in the external markets. A competitive advantage will hence be attained thrusting the company to attain its set long term goals.
    The global financial economy is set of impact on the activities of the organization. 1. Global financial economy, changing market trends, changing demographics
    The Shaping Of the Organization by the Environment
    The internal operations of the organization are usually viewed as an environment that has the capability of converting the inputs such as the money, labor and the material from the external environment and transforming them into products that will be positioned in the external market. On the basis of this cycle of activity between the internal and external environments it is imperative to state that the activities of the corporation are directly or indirectly shaped by the functions in the internal environment (Pfeffer, et all 2012).
    Description of How the Internal Environments Shape the Organization
    The increasing rates of production in the company can greatly impact on the organization since the size of the company will have to be increased. This means that the management body will have to employ more diverse personnel that will be able innovate the production unit. This will in turn expand the opportunities of the organization giving it the ability ...

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    The environments shape organizations are determined. The expert explains how organizations relate strategically to their environments.